Fun Facts for Entertainment/Part 3

  1. It’s not possible for cats to move their jaws sideways.
  2. Chewing gum can boost your brain power.
  3. There are more people in China as compared to the US than can speak fluent English.
  4. A Chinese designer, Daizi Zheng, used Coca Cola to could power a cell phone. She designed one battery that could use the enzymes for generating electricity.
  5. When you mouth ‘colorful’ to someone, he/she might mistake it for “I love you”.
  6. Curvy lips are an indication of smart women that will deliver intelligent babies.
  7. A dairy cow produces more milk while it’s listening to music.
  8. Flavonoids present in dark chocolate can reduce and blood pressure and lower heart disease risks.
  9. Sociologists have predicted that the better the economy of a country, the shorter the women’s skirts are.
  10. No matter how hard you can pinch on a person’s elbow, it doesn’t really hurt.